Coach parent company lays great emphasis on brand control

Strengthening the brand’s actual operation control right may play a role in the long-term growth of future performance, but it will also occupy more resources such as capital in the short term. Tapestry said, “based on the strong performance of this fiscal year, it is expected to provide sufficient funds for this strategic move and maintain the growth target of revenue for the year”.

In addition, Beijing commercial newspaper reporters noticed that the Tapestry flagship Stuart Weitzman flagship store is now closed, searching for the store link, and the page suggests “no corresponding store information”. Beijing Business Daily reporter search Tmall platform found that there are still other stores that sell Stuart Weitzman, but the number of transactions is in the same place. It can be seen that these online third party stores are not the main selling channels of Stuart Weitzman on the Internet. Among them, glamour official flagship store customer service staff told Beijing Business Daily reporter that the store used the flash buying mode, so the number of sales was limited.

For the next development of the 2018 fiscal year, Tapestry said that the company was ready to promote the continued growth of Coach’s sales in the same shop, the upcoming series of more creative, cross – class and channel products, and the spring marketing campaign that was supported by Selena Gomez. The Stuart Weitzman will push the new creative direction of Giovanni Morelli, including the first shoe track and handbag series, and the Stuart Weitzman new store is the next key development direction; Kate Spade will focus on strengthening integration and implementing the established strategic initiatives under the creative guidance of Nicola Glass to lay the foundation for the growth of the 2019 fiscal year and the future.

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