The revive of the ancient styles of coach

The hot topic that has recently swept the world’s fashion world is the Coach spring and summer two “Coach Signature” and “Coach x Keith Haring” series. The reason why people are so concerned is that it is because of the bold and meaningless combination of ancient printing, street graffiti, and gorgeous fashion. It is simply a classic of money, beauty to no friends, no wonder that many people have created many. People are looking for it!

In the American fashion history, the classic Signature printing, which occupies an important position in the history of American fashion, has been reinterpreted in addition to Signature printing, warm color khaki and tea rosy ornamental accessories.

To Europe and the United States, Asian stars and the tide people like, such as: brand spokesperson Selena Gomez, British famous Alexa Chung, Taiwan lady Amy Sun, Japanese famous model Mizuhara Kiko, Korean artist Park Shin Hye and Irene Kim… None of them can resist the Coach Signature series that makes people feel the eye. They are wearing colorful Coach Style with their own heart.