Coach’s cross-century cooperation with the graffiti artist

You must have seen these graffiti works in many places, or on clothes, or accessories. The “happy little man”, “the hollow man who will shine and dance”, “the dog with the alligator mask” and so on are highly recognizable. They are bright and saturated with simple lines, but each of them is full of metaphorical colors.

This is the masterpiece of American genius graffiti master Keith Haring. Born in the late 50s, he only lived to 31 years old. In 70s, KeithHaring began to create street graffiti, subway stations, billboards and parks. All the traces of his creation were left. In 80s, Keith Haring became famous, but God made a joke with him to make him end in the most brilliant age.

His graffiti works expressed the youth of the United States in 80s, advocating love and optimism, and today it has also become the belief in the life of the fashionable people. Korean idol Quan Zhilong on his right arm, the tattoo of Keith Haring, and Stuart Vevers, the creative director of Coach, buried the seeds of graffiti art in childhood.

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